Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Its beginning to look like Christmas!

At least at our home it is!  Is Thanksgiving really still even a holiday? Just kidding but I am way stoked for Christmas this year.. I don’t’ know what has come over me! Yes there are only 4 stockings up me and Jeremy are sharing so the pups can each have their own! (what I'm getting him won’t fit in there anyways)  Also Jeremy picked out purple for our tree this year.. I was a little nervous at first but got’ta say it turned out very cute and very sparkly! Love sparkly! I was in such a Christmas mood that even Carlos got his home redecorated with holiday cheer : )


Its about dang time! I have been trying to find some cute rugs for our kitchen that I like that don’t cost a tons! Well who would of thought I would find such a thing at pier one! Check em out! Totally happy and they only cost me $20 each. Now just have to keep Mini girl from ripping these ones up! You can see her already eyeballing them..


Happy Halloween!

I think I'm getting to old for this!  These days I am ready to have a baby to dress up but… ill settle with dressing up Jeremy! ; ) This year was pretty fun! First night we went as 80’s rockers then the big night we went as Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone! I got my whole costume for $10 and all I had to do for Js was to find some red panties and dye my old robe orange.. LOVED IT! Hope everyone had a good one!


Kari is due Novemeber 17th this friday they are going to strip her membranes and such! So we are keeping our fingers crossed.. hopefully anyday now! She has been in flase labor all weekend : ( !we are ready for you my sweet nephew!

BaBy NeWs!

If you were thinking me.. Beep wrong! By now I'm sure everyone knows that Kari is Prego's! I'm running a little behind on all this but I held her baby shower at my house! Turned out very nice. Had fun with everyone that came! We made a blanket and tie-dyed some stuff! Thanks for everyone for making it such a great day! Kari got some really cute things, not to mention the thousands of things I have bought him already! He is going to be so stinking spoiled, but who would want it any other way ; ) Love you Dax can’t wait to meet you! So here are some of the picts cause what is a blog with out them!

Pine Valley!

Got’ta love the mountains! Me and Jeremy have loved taking the doggies up to the cabin to run around and do some four wheeling this year! They have a blast up there! So much to sniff out.. and its nice to get away for the weekend. Even if its not very far. Can't wait for the snow though!



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Keeping BUSY!

Life as of lately has been nothing but busy! I feel like I hardley even get to see Jeremy and I live with him! Which by the way for those of you that don't know has almost been a year now! Geese I don't know where time went! I am so proud of him he has been working full time and going to school full time! In away maybe that is why I am thankful I have lots of things to keeps me busy as well! My day starts at 6 am (even though I hit the snooze quite a bit) and doesn't end till 9 pm I work full time now at my new job(s) which I started a few months ago! AJ Construction and AZ Storage man it has been alot more work then I thought it was going to be! Anyways I get up and go in super early so I can get off in time to coach DHS JV Volleyball with Kari and also 7th grade border leage. It has been so much fun I have really enjoyed being able to be apart of them both. Tonight will be my first time coaching JV without Kari there! Ah im so nervous luckily its just Cedar this week (easy teams)! So as if that wasn't keeping me busy enough I just entered a vball team of my own into the city leage. So its all work and volleyball Monday-Saturday! So when it comes to my Sundays don't even exspect me to leave the couch! :)


This thing is already pissing me off! But with everything going on and our family being so spread out across the country I guess its time to start bloggings again! Wahoo enjoy! Can't wait to see everyone else! *cough cough* Curt and Heather!